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Arles agenda

Cours de français / Summer French Classes

Stage / Atelier - Du 2 au 27 juillet 2018

Cours de français / Summer French Classes

Arles à la carte propose des cours intensifs de français langue étrangère (FLE) pour tous les niveaux durant le mois de juillet. Destinés aux résidants ou vacanciers étrangers, l’objectif de ce stage est de proposer une totale immersion avec plusieurs heures de cours chaque jour pour gagner en indépendance et pouvoir s’exprimer et se faire comprendre en français dans les meilleurs délais.

Cours enseignés au centre linguistique, 22 bis rue Amédée Pichot, par petits groupes de max 8 personnes. Du lundi au vendredi de :

9h – 10h30 : élémentaire1

10h45 – 12h15 : élémentaire 2

14h – 15h30 : intermédiaire 1

15h45 – 17h15 : intermédiaire 2

Possibilité d’ajouter en complément des cours de groupe, des cours particuliers, des déjeuners linguistiques et autres activités extérieures…

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The idea of our intensive French Language programs is to put students of all ages in a state of total immersion, giving them as many opportunities as possible to truly practice their French in a real-life setting. From small group classes to language lunches, from open-air market visits to cooking classes, students are constantly having to find ways to put the language skills covered in class to good use.
Courses will be held at the Arles à la carte language center, situated at 22 bis rue Amédée Pichot, in the Voltaire neighbourhood, just a few minutes away from the Roman Amphitheatre. Classes are taught by Français Langue Etrangère (FLE) instructors from the region with considerable knowledge of the area’s history and cultural events.
Classes will be conducted in two groups with between 3 and 8 students per group:
From Monday to Friday on the following (tentative) schedule. Students can sign up for up to 15 class hours per week (two 1h30m classes per day), or just morning or afternoon classes, etc.:
o 9-10:30am: Elementary 1
o 10:45am-12:15pm: Elementary 2
o 2-3:30pm: Intermediate 1
o 3:45-5:15pm: Intermediate 2
- “Individual classes” can be scheduled outside of group hours.
- “Language lunches” are held from 12:15-1:45pm.
- “Guided tours” are held from 5:30-7pm.

Class details:
- French grammar, culture and conversation
- Course content focus:
o ELEMENTARY group classes
§ Learn and develop survival French in order to be able to order in restaurants, exchange with shop owners and discuss basic personal interests and needs
§ Present basic grammatical forms through grammar lessons, dialogues and exercises
§ Discuss everyday life in Arles while making use of Arles as a classroom – for example, learn the necessary expressions to buy something at the market and then go to the market to practice!
o INTERMEDIATE group classes
§ Develop understanding and expression in French in order to become more comfortable exchanging with others, both personally and professionally
§ Review major grammatical forms through lessons, dialogues, exercises
§ Discuss life in Arles, education / politics / current events in France – present relevant vocabulary
§ Develop vocabulary and everyday expressions
o Individual classes: Course content is based on the student’s level, linguistic needs / goals and interests

Lieu : Arles à la carte, 22 bis rue Amédée Pichot

Dates : Du lundi 2 juillet au vendredi 27 juillet 2018

Heure : 9h - 10h30 / 10h45 - 12h15 / 14h-15h30 / 15h45 - 17h15

Téléphone : 04 90 49 69 91

Courriel :

Site internet :

Tarif : 15€ / heure